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    About the author

    Mizarstvo Paljk is a family owned carpentry and furniture company that has been present on the Slovenian market of furniture and other wooden products for more than 50 years. We make new and sometimes unique products, restore older and possibly damaged products, and sometimes even make a new copy of the original of an old piece of furniture or a wooden object – copy – paste. Recently, however, we have started to develop and manufacture our own line of furniture and accessories for fly tyers and fly fishermen.

    Since 1996, Klement Paljk, a wood technician by profession, has been in charge of company, as well passionate fly fisherman and fly tier himself.

    My story

    I have always enjoyed tying artificial flies and putting my products on the evaluation to the fish. When you personally realize one-on-one that you can be successful, it’s a special experience. That is usualy the moment that you became hooked for life. It started more than 40 years ago. We haven't heard of fly tying vise yet. We bought hooks at a local shop with basic fishing material, we “borrowed" sewing thread from my mother and researched the plumage of chickens and roosters in the chicken house. We sat at the kitchen table, holding a hook in our left hand and winding threads and feathers with our right. And according to the fish in Vipava, we were quite successful. This then propelled us forward and we slowly began to get to know the world of tying artificial flies, which practically never stops developing. The 1990s I had a period of fly fishing absence for several years. However, whenever I came in contact with flies or fish, I was always overwhelmed by a restless fly-fishing spirit. Time and time again, I promised myself that one day I would start again.

    And I did.

    First, I started tying the flies of my childhood, which, however, were no longer so successful. And so it was necessary to start learning new techniques and ways. Children began to be born and time and space were dwindling. So we combined family time with pleasant with useful and in winter, when the weather was bad, on Sundays I tied flies on the table with the children in the dining room. So I would have some flies to start season with. And when we warmed up just fine, the table already had to be cleared as it was time for lunch. So I was looking for a solution on how to organize things so that we didn’t waste half a day time preparing and tidying up the space. So I made a table drawer, which you bring to the table with the basic material and tools and you can already start tying. This is how the first and only HUBELJ BENČ 7 was created. When you need a table for other things, you move it instantly with all the contents and the table is available for other things without a trace of fly-tying activities.

    When some fishing friends saw this “bench,” the first orders arrived. And so I started making and developing Hubelj benches. As more and more different materials and tools are used in tying artificial flies, there has always been a shortage of storage drawers. That's why over the years I started making Hubelj 5-drawers and Hubelj 10 drawers, with which you can easily upgrade Hubelj bench in the same style. I recently added a freestanding Hubelj 5-drawer to the collection. This rounds out the floor-to-ceiling offering. That is how HOOBEL FLY TYING AMBIENT system was developed.