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Make your own Hoobel fly-tying ambient - Woodart Paljk

With the help of various COMPONENTS OF YOUR CHOICE, you can put together your own binding ambience, which best suits your needs.You can start with any HOOBEL BENCH.

You can have and use HOOBEL BENCH only.

Need a place to position your HOOBEL BENCH and have some drawers of extra space to store fly-tying materials and tools? Get a couple of HOOBEL5-drawers base drawer boxes.

You may connect them with a custom made bridge and turn these three pieces into a HOOBEL FLY-TYING DESK!

Need some more drawers? Different holders, recesses, bases for thread spools? You can always upgrade your HOOBEL FLY-TYING DESK with some OPTIONAL COMPONENTS. The limit is only your imagination!

Detailed description and use of the fly-tying bench

Detailed description and use of the fly-tying bench:

The basic piece of each bench is the main board – a table which is made of carefully selected wood and assembled with high-quality wood glue. At the right-hand side of the board there are two pits into which you can put small pieces of material (beads, hooks, eyes…) without the fear of them rolling away.
The 8-drawer and 6-drawer models of benches have a square hole on the left side of the surface, which is used as a trash hole or a place to fix a clamp-type of vice.

On each side of the bench is tool caddy and holder for material and other accessories. On each caddy are also two special holes for direct mounting of the fly-tying vice. Originally made for Sava rx type of vices, they can be used for other types too (maybe with some small adjustments). The holes are located on both tool caddies, so they can be used by either right-or left-handed tyers. In the middle of the bench there is a unit with 4 or 5 drawers for storage of small materials, tools and accessories. The drawers pull out smoothly and enable good overview of the content. After closing  the content is safely stored inside. On the top of the drawer unit there are dozens of wooden rods which are used as thread spool holders.

The 8-drawer and the 6-drawer benches also have a drawer under the main board for larger materials and tools. Even the majority of fly-tying vices can be stored there. The drawer under the trash hole holds a small wooden box – the trash bin. It helps you keep the fly-tying area clean and tidy, which is priceless especially if you work in your living room. And before emptying the trash bin you can check again for some material or tools that might have ended there accidentally.

If your wishes are different, we will of course do our best to fulfill them.